Tucker Carlson suggests Biden admin places chemical compounds in milk to show children transgender

Fox Information host Tucker Carlson went off the deep finish final evening on his display, suggesting {that a} farm that has been having felony issues of the Meals and Drug Management (FDA) since 2016 would resolve its issues if it put a child into nursery school “extra chemical compounds within the milk that flip children trans.”

Carlson was once doing a section on Amish farmer Amos Miller’s felony problems, which began all over the Obama management and contain his gross sales of unpasteurized milk and uninspected meat and poultry. He owes over $300,000 in fines and isn’t promoting meat anymore because of his alleged violations of meals protection rules.

Carlson was once sympathetic to Miller, suggesting that “they’re towards anything else that’s healthy and edifying and that makes you more potent and more fit, and are in choose of anything else that diminishes you and makes you extra dependent?”

He mentioned that the “Biden management” goes after Miller as a result of “meals with out endocrine-disrupting chemical compounds will have to be eradicated specifically.” He additionally cited the loss of genetically changed organisms (GMOs) in Miller’s meals as a reason why the FDA and the U.S. Division of Agriculture (USDA) are going after the farm, despite the fact that the idea that of GMOs is totally unrelated to the investigation.

Jeremy Loffredo of the far-right website online Revolt Information was once Carlson’s visitor and he mentioned that Miller doesn’t use “any gas or any fertilizer.” He mentioned that the ones two issues “have turn out to be very pricey on account of [President Joe] Biden’s insurance policies regarding the struggle in Ukraine and Russia” and the Biden management is “coming after him for it.”

“Perhaps if he guarantees to put a child into nursery school extra chemical compounds within the milk that flip children trans, they’ll lay off,” Carlson mentioned. There is not any proof that meals components are turning any individual LGBTQ.


He didn’t seem to be joking, and the concept that meals components and different chemical compounds are turning males – and different male animals – LGBTQ has had some acquire at the correct for years.

In 2017, Alex Jones of the rightwing podcast Infowars mentioned that almost all frogs within the U.S. at the moment are homosexual on account of “chemical compounds within the meals and water.”

“Evidence! Homosexual frogs are actual! Because of clips of me speaking about it…they’re admitting that almost all of frogs in maximum spaces of america at the moment are homosexual. They don’t select women, they pass over to the male after which they pass and reside in combination,” Jones mentioned.

“And then you definitely learn Courageous New International, written in 1932, and he says that’s the plan. They’re hanging chemical compounds within the meals and water and also you take a look at women and men and you’ll be able to’t inform what’s what more often than not!”

Previous this yr, Carlson mentioned that testosterone ranges are shedding amongst males within the U.S. such a lot that he made a documentary entitled The Finish of Males.

Urologists normally characteristic the decline in testosterone to a lot of elements together with will increase in reasonable weight, nutritional adjustments, loss of workout, and conceivable environmental toxins, however Carlson had some other idea: the loss of sunshine attaining testicles.

“If you wish to optimize and take it [your testosterone] to some other stage, divulge your self to crimson gentle treatment,” a visitor on Carlson’s display mentioned. “It’s testicle tanning, nevertheless it’s additionally complete frame crimson gentle treatment.”

Originally posted 2023-04-30 07:41:53.