On this planet of Licensing, there are certain genres and content material subject material sorts which may well be thought to be evergreen content material subject material. Evergreen content material subject material is content material subject material that sells again and again, without becoming old-fashioned or stale throughout the commercial trade.

To be sure that a photograph to advertise a few events, it usually has the possible to meet a variety of needs. In this knowledge, the 500px Licensing staff will quilt the more than a few tactics Licensing Contributors can incorporate abstract pictures into their commercial portfolios. Abstract pictures is a large taste and can be as simple as an intensive up of a texture, or additional intentional very similar to long exposure capturing delicate trails.

The 500px Licensing staff has seen abstract pictures used in various tactics via content material subject material shoppers. From protecting texture onto creative property to background graphics for print or online media, abstract pictures has the possible to suit a variety of needs.

Below we can quilt 4 tactics to grab abstract photos and make your portfolio additional salable—with stunning examples from the 500px community.


Despite the fact that it seems simple, textures are a great way so that you can upload salable content material subject material in your commercial portfolio. Textures are steadily used by graphic designers as overlays onto provide content material subject material, or so that you can upload drama to backgrounds.

Snapping photos of textures that you simply see in your day-to-day routine can have the same opinion assemble out your portfolio. Seek for attention-grabbing textures on constructions, surfaces in your house, or in nature that can assist you get started. Form a dependancy of attempting to find textures for your shoots and taking a few images of property you in finding attention-grabbing to increase a database additional in short.

Coral by Marianna Armata on 500px.com

When shooting textures there are a couple of problems to keep in mind.

1. You’ll want to shoot your photos in a most sensible resolution construction. This will more and more allow content material subject material shoppers to crop or use the photograph in a large construction if sought after.

2. Get as close as you can to fill the frame. Must you spot a fascinating design of a leaf, then get close enough to fill the frame. You want to need to believe the usage of a macro lens. Check out this very detailed knowledge on macro pictures, which covers the basics of shooting macro.

3. Very good lights is important. Mild is essential in capturing great texture within a photograph. Exhausting delicate will usually yield robust shadows and further pronounced texture.

4. Experiment along side your settings. ISO, aperture, and shutter tempo should be adjusted as it should be depending for your available delicate. Alternatively, always take into account that your function should be a sharp image that’s not blown out as a way to grab your textures. Play along side your settings, and take a few images to be informed what works and what does now not.

5) Keep it sharp. When shooting textures, you should always function to have your photos sharp. This will more and more make for a better prime quality photograph. Be careful for a great deal of noise in your photos. Noise will turn off content material subject material shoppers.

BONUS: The 500px staff always must inform you of trending and selling content material subject material. Paper textures are trending scorching this present day, and we see that content material subject material shoppers are always on the hunt. Believe this in your next shoot.

Paper edges III by Ralf Prien on 500px.com

Material design background by Bogdan Dreava on 500px.com

Ice Bubbles by Sarah Marino on 500px.com

Close up backlit yellow green leaf natural structure background. Creative light texture in backlight by Martin Jan?a on 500px.com

Symmetric Chaos (HDR) by Dmitri Sädus on 500px.com

Tiles at Twilight by Sarah Marino on 500px.com

Texture by MARCIANO MENDES on 500px.com

Cropping your surroundings

Cropping your surroundings can result in glorious and unique abstract images.
Use the foundations of design to grab a photograph that is utterly balanced and tasty in composition. This will more and more will let you stand out to image shoppers.

Taking photos of construction and town landscape is a great way to apply your composition tactics. We have were given seen many gifted photographers from the 500px community develop into frequently scenes into visually stunning abstract images. Take inspiration from shape, texture, and color to inform your path.

Take a look at the ones images from the 500px community for inspiration.

?? by ?? on 500px.com

Shadow play by Pascal Krumm on 500px.com

Chairs by Brian Holm Nielsen on 500px.com

Mighty Geometry by Ash Camas on 500px.com

Hypnosis by Ash Camas on 500px.com

Polka Dots by Max van Son on 500px.com

Long exposure

Long exposure pictures is a fun solution to experiment with delicate and create stunning and unique photos.

Long exposure can add abstraction to a variety of genres. Night time pictures is a great way to grab abstract images which may well be stuffed with difference and vibrant colors. You can moreover incorporate long exposure in landscape pictures. Waterfalls or misty mornings can be totally remodeled into stunning mysterious scenes, that border the street of abstraction, via making the scene look otherworldly. They can be used by content material subject material shoppers for backgrounds in graphic design or screensavers.

Check out the ones photos for inspiration.

Water abstract, Gullfoss Waterfall by Sarah Marino on 500px.com

Forest Fire by Marc Adamus on 500px.com

Aurora Rain by Sarah Marino on 500px.com

Co Donegal by Marius Kaste?kas on 500px.com

Baltic Sea by Marius Kaste?kas on 500px.com

The White Curtain Falls by Marc Adamus on 500px.com


Drone pictures is a superb approach of capturing perspectives that we do not see on a daily basis. The scale of drone pictures can help you grab some really unique and breathtaking abstract images.

Listed below are a couple of of our favorites.

900year old flow by Valentinos Loucaides on 500px.com

Upsidedown salt island by Adi Perets on 500px.com

Kebun Bawang ( Shallot Plantation ) by Teh Han Lin on 500px.com

Aerial view of glacier rivers in Iceland by Lena Steinke on 500px.com

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