The Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R bends to shape the light, attaining lighting effects no longer conceivable with a flat panel. It choices top of the range RGB, CCT, and HCI delicate. We had a check out a couple of of what the B25R can do.

Sirui Dragon Series Bendable RGB Panel Light B25R

In regards to the Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R

The bendable delicate is certainly extraordinary and glued my eye. That’s what inspired me to agree to do the analysis. I actually like unique designs. Then again would this be smart?

The usage of the Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R

The bendable delicate panel has a quick-release design at every end. On account of this you are able to link various lights together to create a longer, brighter, and further bendable delicate provide. Join two of the ones, and you are able to form them proper right into a half-circle, implausible for product photos. Join 4 and create a circle with all the delicate aiming inside.

Remember: Vlogsfan sent us one Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R to check and keep. On the other hand, this can be a completely independent analysis. All concepts about this bag are our non-public.


  • It’s a laugh to use
  • It bends, it bends!
  • Top of the range CCT and RGB lighting with most sensible CRI
  • Forefront design
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Nice long AC adapter


  • No backlit buttons
  • Labels for the 4 buttons are written in dark blue instead of white

Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R — Technical specifications

The entire technical specifications for the Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R are from the reliable Sirui shopper’s information on their internet website online.

  • Dimensions: 583 x 75 x32.3mm/22.95 x 2.95 x 1.27 inches
  • Weight: 960g/2.12 lbs.
  • Adapter: 9V 4A
  • Power Consumption: Max 25W
  • CCT: 2700K-8500K
  • Explicit Effects: 16
  • 100% Illuminance (LUX): 0.5m 2000 lux
  • TLCI: 98
  • CRI: 96
  • Ambient Temperature Operation: -10C — 45C
  • Regulate Way: app and lightweight panel
  • Wireless Working Range (Bluetooth): 15 meters

Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R Ergonomics and assemble top of the range

Bending the panel

The light panel is discreet to bend and is somewhat lightweight. That you must use an app to regulate the light. On the other hand, even without the app, the panel is discreet enough to resolve.

The light panel is discreet to bend in each trail. It does no longer retain its fully-extended bend independently. Nor is it rubbery. I wouldn’t bend it super hard each, as I am not sure what would possibly happen. It’s no longer that it kind of feels fragile. It merely does no longer actually really feel adore it was once as soon as designed to be bent precise hard.

Above: In the back of the scenes using the Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R.

As a result of its ability to bend, the light excels at photographing small pieces throughout the studio. In any case, it may be able to moreover act as a fill delicate or otherwise be used for each different needs that it is conceivable you’ll be able to normally do with an LED delicate panel.

Simple how one can get right to use the entire ones different forms of lights

There are 4 small buttons (Mode, Function, Up, Down). The ones do not wiggle and actually really feel super. The LCD panel lets you dial in white delicate at a temperature range from 2700K to 8500K. It moreover supplies an RGB color range from 0 to 360 ranges (saturation 0-100). It could moreover create vibrant delicate in HSL mode as well.

The panel uses frosted plastic diffusers situated over every. of the 9 segmented lights.

The thrill actually begins, in particular if you are vlogging, with the 16 preset lighting effects. The ones may also be set and adjusted with the controls on the once more of the instrument or with the Sirui Mild mobile app. This allows you to cycle throughout the RGB colors, which you are able to see throughout the video beneath.

A at hand information a coarse demonstration of the actual effects and bendability of the Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R.

You may additionally use other effects, similar to SOS, pulsing, hearth, broken delicate bulbs, welding, virtual digital camera flash, police automotive lights, and further.

Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R — Inside the field

Because the panel has a lit LCD once more panel, it’s somewhat easy to keep watch over, even at midnight. On the other hand, you do will have to memorize the needs of the buttons since they don’t seem to be backlit. It’s no longer too tough to resolve, if truth be told, since there’s only 4 buttons, and you recognize that the left-most button selects the mode of light used, and the correct two buttons navigate up and down.

Every of the bendable panels has 3 1/4-inch threads for mounting, one at every end and one throughout the center, offering, well, flexibility in mounting. I was in a position to mount it merely on an Oben CTT-1000 tripod.

I powered the light from their AC adapter. The light can also be run with an NP-F970 battery for portability. I did not have this battery and would possibly simply no longer test its duration.

Product photos

I believe that the B25R might be in particular useful must you hooked up two of them to form a half-circle. This may further unleash to ability to bend. With just one bendable panel, to procure the total good thing about bending, you wish to have to {photograph} very small pieces. Regardless, I most popular the ability to shape and curve the light to create “wraparound” delicate.

Because the delicate is rated for a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of 96 and a CRI of 98, the light holds component. Inside the image, it’s going to come up with what you notice specifically particular person. The frosted diffuser however creates a somewhat comfy delicate. This is in particular crucial since with product photos, you’re much more likely to place a bendable delicate provide similar to this very with regards to the object.


CRI stands for Color Rendering Index of the way in which a gentle renders colors, with a perfect ranking being 100. Higher rankings of above 90 hold component and look richer and further vibrant. Lower rankings can look increasingly more washed out and lacking component.

TLCI stands for Television Lighting Consistency Index. This is a color accuracy ranking with the most productive ranking being 100. A range of about 85-100 does no longer require color correction in post when using a video virtual digital camera.

I used the light for over an hour. Although the brightness was once as soon as maxed out, the light in no way had been for the reason that scorching.

Controlling the light throughout the app and LCD panel

The app was once as soon as easy to position in and use. On the other hand, I decided on to change the light from the unit itself since I was operating very with regards to the light anyway. The 4 buttons — Mode, Function, Up, Down — art work super. Many people will make a choice using the app given that capacity is a bit more inspiring and user-friendly. I do need the labels for the 4 buttons were written in white. Writing them in dark blue makes 0 sense to me.

In regards to the bend

For higher pieces, having one panel that bends is of limited usefulness. It is a will have to to switch the bendable panel with regards to a small topic to actually reach any get pleasure from the type of the bend. On the other hand, if you probably have various bendable panels hooked up together, the “wraparound” delicate and general usefulness of the bending will building up very a lot.

In any case, the top of the range of the light supplies the ability to use the light for numerous other applications regardless. And having a rather tall panel supplies numerous lighting talents {{that a}} smaller shorter delicate may not have the ability to reach. It’s however a good delicate for vlogging, key lighting, and elementary use.

Other choices worth mentioning

The light supplies GM adjustment to counteract color shift from green to magenta for higher color accuracy.

Sirui Dragon Collection Bendable RGB Panel Mild B25R — Amusing

I most often don’t have a separate analysis segment entitled “a laugh.” But it bears mentioning. From the time I took it out of the package deal, I found out that it was once as soon as a laugh to use. Bending the light for product photos was once as soon as no longer only useful, it was once as soon as a laugh.

So was once as soon as growing YouTube motion pictures while having the light panel cycle by way of RGB colors or other effects. I moreover began experimenting with shaping the light spherical pieces in numerous tactics too, as I felt ingenious when using the light. It was once as soon as good for rim lighting along with lighting from beneath.

We shouldn’t overlook a product that is a laugh to use and conjures up creativity.

The package deal we reviewed comes with one LED delicate, an AC power adapter, and a warranty card. No battery was once as soon as built-in.

I used a Pentax Ok-1 with a 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6 lens for all photos.

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By Ken Lee