NEW YORK — This was not how Daria Walcott, 39, wanted to spend the Friday night before Pride weekend — sweaty and anguished, crowded shoulder-to-shoulder with thousands of other roaring protesters. Originally, she was going to stay home in Harlem, resting up before she’d “dance it out,” as she put it, at Sunday’s joyous annual Pride March downtown. But now, here she was, carrying a hastily made handwritten poster-board sign: “They Won’t Stop at Roe.”

“This felt important,” Walcott said of her decision to attend Friday’s impromptu protest. The Supreme Court “seems to think that everything is on the table,” said Walcott, who is bisexual, as protesters around her shouted profanity-laced chants that name-checked Justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett M. Kavanaugh. “Gay rights, interracial marriage, same-sex marriage: All of those things now seem to be on the table.”

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