25 Aug 2022 | 03:31 PM UTC

Political party threatens to hold protests across Malaysia through at least early September. Transport and business disruptions possible.





Activists affiliated with the Malaysian Islamic Party (Parti Islam Se Malaysia, or PAS) and its youth organization have threatened to stage nationwide protests through at least early September. The purpose of the action is to demand the cancellation of all future international concerts due to their alleged lack of compliance with traditional domestic norms.

Although organizers have as yet released no details concerning specific times or locations for protests, gatherings are most likely in major cities near government buildings, public squares, political party offices, and prominent intersections. It remains unclear how many participants such demonstrations may attract.

Authorities will likely monitor any protests that materialize and may attempt to disperse disruptive gatherings. Clashes between protesters and police are possible. Protesters may march along or block roadways, causing localized transport disruptions. Business disruptions could occur if demonstrations persist.


Avoid any protest that materializes due to possible clashes. If clashes erupt nearby, immediately depart the area and seek shelter at a safe nongovernmental building. Plan for localized transport and business disruptions near any protests. Heed all official traffic and security advisories.

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