Doug Mastriano will face Josh Shapiro in the November election.

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Thursday, August 25, 2022 4:28AM

ASTON, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano laid out details about his social and economic plan for Pennsylvania if he wins the election this coming November.

Mastriano made a stop at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill in Aston, Delaware County on Wednesday. He says making Pennsylvania a leader in the production of energy is near the top of his agenda.

“On day one we’re going to roll back the regional greenhouse gas initiative. It’s done. We’re going to drive down the costs across the state,” he said. “We are going to drill and dig like there’s no tomorrow.”

Mastriano also spoke in support of restricting transgender women from competing in women’s sports, getting tough on the rampant crime plaguing our major cities in particular, and rolling back any lingering statewide COVID-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, a group supporting Democrat Josh Shapiro gathered outside the event said Mastriano’s plan is bad for the environment and bad for the social justice movement. Among the speakers was Mastriano’s colleague in the state senate, John Kane of Delaware County.

“Delaware County is going to be 110% behind Josh Shapiro. Josh has gotten a proven record of what he is going to do, and Doug Mastriano does not,” said Kane.

Mastriano discussed his admiration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who campaigned in Pennsylvania on Mastriano’s behalf just a few days ago.

“Our goal,” the GOP hopeful says, “and we are going to achieve it, our goal is to make Pennsylvania the Florida of the north.”

Mastriano went on to hold a campaign rally in Lancaster County.

Josh Shapiro has several campaign events scheduled for this coming weekend.

The general election is now less than three months away.

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