The art of wedding photography…

The art of wedding photography is crucial to your wedding.

Why go to all that trouble and expense if you don’t even keep a record of the day?

To me, that’s just stupid.

It might be nerve-wracking to look for a photographer for your wedding. Your wedding photographs will be a treasured keepsake for generations to come, not just for you and your partner but also for your children and grandkids. Their importance should not be minimized.

Wedding Photography Art
Wedding Photography Art

But that’s no reason to give in to a photographer’s outrageous demands for payment. Before putting down a deposit, don’t be afraid to haggle and get everything you want. The typical discount offered by businesses is 15%. They will want your business rather than lose you to a competitor if they have taken the time to interview you. Employing a student is nothing to be afraid of. You may save a ton of money if you find someone with a solid portfolio, solid track record, and solid recommendations.
It’s not always a bad idea to use a buddy who is a professional wedding photographer for your wedding, so long as you know for sure that they will do a good job. We were heartbroken when the friend of the family we invited to take photos for the evening forgot. Even more so considering we skipped out on the wedding early. Make sure they have skills and can be counted on. Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to succeed under duress.
Your photographer and filmmaker should check out the location in advance. The meeting should take place there if at all possible. If not, they need to get there early that day and coordinate with the venue manager. A professional photographer will want to check over the location in advance to better prepare for the big day. They should not waste time during their scheduled shifts planning how to put up photographs and exploring the location. Inquire about the church’s photography policies if you plan to have your wedding there. Some forms of photography might be forbidden.
During your consultation with your photographer, be specific about the shots you want taken. Say no if you aren’t excited to go somewhere specific for a photo shoot. It’s important that you and your wedding photographer get along. You need to be able to feel comfortable in their presence on the most significant day of your life. You must also feel safe and secure in their company. And after the wedding, you’ll have to sit down and look at the photos together. Safety and confidence are crucial. Make sure their taste matches yours. Choose a photographer who can capture your style. Be sure to ask for references, too. It’s important to work with a photographer who can deliver high-quality photographs. The emphasis is on this one. If they are not high resolution, you won’t be able to email or print them.
Be wary if your photographer gives off a cynical vibe.
Is the quality of the images on their site uniformly high?
Dissing previous customers, is it something they do?
Is it true that they enjoy weddings?
On what will they be aiming their guns?
How much does it cost in total?
How many snaps can you expect?
How many have to be rewritten?
In what form will your photographs be obtained?
I was wondering if they had any backup machinery.
Do I have to pay anything else?
I was wondering if they shot in color or b&w.
Who will be the copyright holder?

Wedding Photography Art
Wedding Photography Art

In order to safeguard their reputation, not all wedding photographers will be prepared to hand over all of your photos. If you care about this, you should inquire and make a choice based on their response. Inquire about the photo limit, though. This is crucial, as some sources may only provide you with a fraction that has been altered. Consider copyright issues as well. Even if they provide you with a disc, some photographers will still claim ownership of the photos they take. Take care of things now while you still have the upper hand, because you will not. Put your wants and needs into writing and sign a contract. Don’t just sign on the dotted line without reading it first. Hire a photographer who can work well with others. They need to be receptive to your suggestions and not just set in their ways.
If your photographer is going to remain on-site all day, it’s courteous to provide them with sustenance. The simplest of meals will do. A professional photographer will capture your special day without interrupting anything or anyone. They’ll keep everyone under control and from freaking out.
Be forceful with relatives who insist on snapping their own shots during the wedding photographer’s coverage. Even if members of your own family are skilled photographers, it is not right for them to interrupt the services of a hired expert. They risk having their flash detract from the photographer’s work. Tell them respectfully that the photographer is done and they may take their pictures. Never accept defeat.
Asking recently married friends and family for referrals, perusing bridal magazines, perusing the suppliers section of wedding blogs and magazines, and perusing the real-life weddings featured in wedding blogs and magazines are all excellent places to start when looking for a talented wedding photographer.
Finding a wedding photographer can be as simple as searching “photographer + your location” online. Or there’s, which was already mentioned. My now-husband and I found our wedding photographer, Emma-Jane, during a press event where we both attended as photographers. Her visual acuity is superb.
Testimonials are another important indicator to search for. Some photographers may offer these for sale, while others may provide them solely on request.
Most wedding packages have predetermined hourly rates. Our photographer was with us for three hours, and she managed to get some stunning images throughout that time.
It’s risky to use a relative as your photographer. Even if they are exceptionally talented photographers, they might not want to stay sober enough to document the entire event. Purchasing a camera is a worthwhile investment.
Picking a Look

Photographers all have their own unique aesthetic. Find a photographer who captures the spirit of the day and your personal aesthetic. Consider what kind of editing you’d like to do. If you’re looking for a more organic feel, avoid photographers who spend all their time in Photoshop creating surreal effects. It may not work out if you like their photography but not their editing approach. Find a worker who is a one-stop-shop for all your needs.
Create a Target List
Make a shot list on the big day and give it to your best man or maid of honor for easy reference. Then they can quickly and easily round up suspects. If the photos take too long to take, many people will become bored and leave. It’s also a good idea to take care of the group photos first, and then send the bride and groom out to a nearby, private spot to take care of the pair photos.
Input for your shooting schedule. Make sure the best man or maid of honor has their full names, not just their titles, and hand along a shot list.
Groom and pops.
The future Mrs.
The future Mrs. and her parents.
Wedding party.
Conferring with the bridesmaids.
Bridegroom with his mom.
Parents of the groom.
A wedding party including the groom and his best man.
Wedding party ushers.
As a group.

Costs and Bundles

Wedding Photography ArtCarefully consider the bundle you wish to purchase. The cost of a wedding photographer is really high. The majority of, if not all, wedding photographers will have many packages available. In this day and age of social media and iPhones, your guests will undoubtedly capture some wonderful images even if you can’t afford to have the entire day completed. The first three hours are prime time for hiring a photographer. Everything from getting ready to the ceremony and the celebration will be covered here. While it’s true that nobody enjoys having their picture taken while they’re chowing down, you could always have guests snap shots of the speeches and dances.
Spend the money and hire them for the whole day if you can. You should either feed them or let them know there won’t be any food. It’s true that per-person wedding catering costs a lot of money, but you can’t afford to have your photographer pass out from hunger or leave the ceremony to find food. Some photographers may want refreshments. Your caterer shouldn’t mind if you only order a couple of appetizers, which I think is a fair request. You can count on having access to bread on that day. However, you should account for any additional fees that your caterer may charge. Both the photographer and the food at a wedding may run you a pretty penny. When the price of both is high, further features may seem excessive.
Deciding Which Images to Use
You’ll likely have to pick a small selection of photos to have modified, but you’ll get them all on a disc. Before hiring a photographer, make sure you will receive all of the images. A contact sheet (more likely if the photographer didn’t use a digital camera) or an online photo album or prints may be the final products you receive. The earliest versions will be unedited raws, or unprocessed footage taken directly from the camera. In order to show you their best work, many photographers will do minimal editing on their raw files.
It can be time-consuming and stressful to decide which photos to keep. There could be hundreds on the contact sheet, all of which might begin to blend together. Pick the photos that really speak to you, and if you’re limited in the number you can bring, think twice about asking relatives if they want any, as they might be disappointed if you have to leave some behind. However, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as they are able to and willing to purchase their own.
Marriage Record
There are photographers that provide extras like photo books or USB drives fashioned like hearts. If you like them, buy them; if money is tight, purchase them on eBay.
A good photo frame to showcase your wedding photo is an investment you may want to make, or at the very least, ask for as a present. At a Peter Jones wedding gift list event, we won a stunning Vera Wang picture frame. Dress to impress on what will be one of the happiest days of your life.
The art of photography is crucial. Spending a small fortune on a wedding is pointless if no lasting memories are made at the event. You will be disappointed if you do not properly document your day. In addition, it will be among
Do not waste the rare occasions when you may gather your loved ones together. Emma from Emma-Jane Photography was our wedding photographer.
The photography was superb. There was no one better to take pictures for us. She has a fantastic eye, and the pictures from our wedding turned out beautifully. Our wedding photos are an heirloom we’ll cherish always.
Wedding Photography ArtEmma is incredibly gifted as a photographer, and she did an incredible job that day. Everyone felt comfortable around her, and she has a fantastic sense for photography. She granted me an interview that was packed with helpful suggestions.
Photographer Emma-Jane, herself.
How did you come to be interested in photographing weddings?It’s been around five years since I first began working with a photographer as an assistant and model. I was drawn to wedding photography and, before going it alone, I second shot a few other people’s nuptials. My shift was rather smooth because I already understood this was a market I could break into as a result of my prior experience as a fashion and conceptual photographer.
What qualities do you recommend couples seek out in a wedding photographer?
The first step for engaged couples is to decide what kind of photography style they choose for their wedding. This could be documentary, fashion, or even film. The next step would be researching nearby photographers to avoid unnecessary trip expenses, or nearby photographers to fly to. For example, a client may find a number of photographers whose work they adore online but ultimately decide to meet with only a subset of them in person. The couple’s rapport with their photographer will be crucial, as they will be sharing a uniquely intimate moment with them throughout the day.
Inquiring minds want to know: What should engaged couples inquire of their wedding photographer?
In an ideal world, this would include details like how they envision the shots developing. Do they have help on hand if the wedding is particularly big? How many photographs will the couple receive when the shoot has been completed? If wedding albums are not included, how much do they typically cost to purchase separately? The photographer’s equipment, please. They’re utilizing full-frame cameras, top-tier lenses, and backup equipment, just as you’d expect.
What sets wedding photography apart from other types of photography?
For a wedding photographer, the biggest difference is the increased speed at which events unfold. The photographer must have excellent communication with the couple during consultations to explain the plan of the day’s images, allowing for some flexibility in case of last-minute changes.
I would need the photographer to have shot at least six or seven weddings by themselves before I would trust them to do a good job. When compared to shooting a family reunion or a corporate event, there is a great deal more interaction and editing that occurs after the fact during a wedding.
What is the day’s most crucial moment that needs to be recorded?
Everything counts, and the goal is to memorialize the entire day so that the recipient can relive the emotions they experienced on that special day. The last glance the groom gives his bride before the ceremony, the newlyweds’ first kiss, and the private pair photographs taken after the ceremony are the highlights of any wedding for me.
Walk us through a typical day at the office at a wedding.
Kitting up the night before
In the morning, double-check the survival gear.
Get there and celebrate the wedding!
Setting up the Camera
Photographs for the Album
Becoming an official member of the bridal party
Getting to the Church or Meeting Place
Confirm with the registrar or vicar if photographs are still acceptable and ask them where guests should not stand to prevent any disruptions during the service.
Signing of Legal Papers
Separate from the wedding party, the couple poses for photos.
Photographs of Wedding Guests
Keeping track of communication
Cake, with close-ups
To cut a cake
The First Waltz

Wedding Image Gallery

Every couple’s big day is unique

Every couple’s big day is unique, but this is closer to the norm for a 12-hour photo session.
What should I do if I know someone who hates having their photo taken?
It depends on their role in the wedding party; if they are just guests, you should do your best to put them at ease, but the happy couple should be your primary focus. However, this could become an issue if the bride or groom is involved. I’ve done engagement shoots with them before to help them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and with my process. And then on the big day itself, be there to guide them through it all while making light of the situation and keeping the mood light.
When photographing weddings, what do you enjoy most?
Being a fashion photographer, my favorite shots are the ones where you can really play around with the background and the dynamics of the shot, such as the details and the dress, and the couple shots taken immediately following the ceremony.
Do you see any patterns?
More “instagrammed” receptions are one trend, while “eco-type” weddings including handmade décor and a rustic atmosphere are another.
Do you have any advice for creative couples who wish to hire you to photograph their wedding?
Get informed. If you prefer the tried-and-true, it will be challenging to branch out of your comfort zone. However, if you want your wedding photographer to use some imagination, you should talk about the options for dramatic backdrops, such as props and great settings at the locations.
What criteria do you use to determine a photo location? What weight does location carry?
For me, it’s all about where I’m at. In order to get some excellent private images of the couple after the ceremony, I need to take them somewhere with decent lighting and, ideally, a good backdrop, as these are the shots they will ultimately use. The photographer and the event will be severely constrained by a lack of outdoor space and a compact venue.
Do you have any other suggestions or advise to offer?
Maintain open lines of communication. Both you and your photographer should have a clear understanding of what is expected of each other in terms of photos, alterations, and last-minute details before the big day. In addition to keeping an open mind throughout the day, fresh ideas and adjustments are welcome.
That’s great, Emma.
It’s smart to make at least one hard copy of your wedding album. Even though my husband and I have them stored on a USB and on our respective computers, we’ve decided to print them off just in case. You can also put them in frames. Companies that specialize in printing
your wedding pictures and have them printed in an album before sending them to you. This can be achieved at low cost. You might print these on some picture paper at home if you have a high-quality color printer. When I do this to a photo, it seems like a professional did it.
Look up if you’re self-conscious about the angle of your chin in photographs. Only slightly, but it can be seen in every photo. Don’t keep your arms too close to your body if that makes you uncomfortable. By angling your arms, you may make your upper body appear slimmer.