While you recall to mind Salzburg you are able to’t help then again recall to mind Mozart and “The Sound of Monitor.”


Salzburg is a very good the city with reasonably a large number of problems to do and a variety of photographic possible choices. This is an excellent spot to stay for three or 4 days wandering the streets of Earlier Salzburg and taking a automobile or tour outdoor the city up into the surrounding geographical region.

One of the most the most important first problems I generally do when traveling to a brand spanking new the city is to take a hop on, hop off bus tour. It’s serving to me get my bearings. It’s moreover a good way to decide which web sites and areas of the city you want to spend time taking photos. Usually, the tours are good for an entire day which makes it easy so as to get spherical that first day.

Salzburg is an merely walkable the city though, as long as you don’t ideas a few inclines each so frequently. Be in a position to appear Mozart-branded the whole thing. From chocolates to circle of relatives pieces, you’ll see it all. He’s a big deal there as it is his birthplace. I’ve been in every spring and summer season and it’s in reality shocking with the surrounding mountain views and fantastic green hills.

Side road scenes

Once I’m traveling I always keep a be careful for unique scenes. While massive cities could also be similar to area, there are just about always unique retail outlets or historic streets and constructions that make for crowd pleasing footage.

The Sound of Monitor

Positive, we took The “Sound of Monitor” tour. In reality, it’s an ideal tour even if you’re not keen on the movie. Merely know that you just’ll be singing on the bus. Is it cheesy? Positive, then again the tour guides do know this and play into it. They take you to quite a few of the well known filming puts from the movie. This will provide you with the risk to head up into the hills and mountains outdoor of Salzburg and it’s shocking.

In 2012, when my mom, brother and I went, our data was awesome and if truth be told talked the bus driver proper right into a small detour so lets get photos of the snowy mountains. It doesn’t hurt to ask for something like that, all they can do is say no. We got lucky they generally made it happen.

Hellbrunn Palace

Hellbrunn Palace is each different location where quite a few scenes were filmed, in conjunction with the gazebo scene. You understand the one, where Lisl sings “I am 16 happening 17.” This is indisputably one of the most important puts I need we’d had time beyond regulation to wander. Mainly, you get to appear the gazebo and it will have to depend on the tour then again without equal time I was there we had a bit of of bit longer to wander the grounds.


This is a stunning the town positioned on a lake and inside the mountains. The tour stops proper right here so you are able to see the church where Captain Von Trapp and Maria were married. Basilica St. Michael is where the wedding was filmed. You’ll be overwhelmed when you cross within as it’s all pinkish, black and gold, and oh so over the top. Glorious to appear. You probably have time I may suggest heading the entire means right down to the lake as smartly. It’s peaceful and the environment is beautiful.

Or you are able to select to meander the primary facet highway and check out the little retail outlets. This location has relatively a few different image possible choices to choose from.

Man in front of the Sound of Music Tour bus Salzburg
It is a will have to to, don’t you?


  • Once more up your footage in a few place! Considerably, a couple of of those footage are from 2012, the principle time I visited Salzburg. I don’t have any of the original data on account of they’ve been out of place when switching to a brand spanking new computer. I “idea” they’ve been saved on a CD.
  • Returning to a location? Go all through the images from without equal time you have got been there to appear when you lost sight of something or if there is a specific web site you’d like to reshoot.
  • Don’t omit to include your fellow travelers in your photos and offer to take photos of them with their phones or cameras (I’m in reality bad at this).
  • Take the cheesy tour, you’ll get to appear web sites you wouldn’t when you don’t cross on it.
  • Sit down down once more and experience, chill out and easily take inside the internet sites.

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