The subject of why we take photos comes up every so steadily and I’d like to percentage parts of a conversation I had with a fellow photographer the other day.

The conversation got me excited about the why of our footage. All folks have a different why, then again many of us have a difficult time describing that why. How would you describe your why?

There are thousands of images out on the planet. From the beautiful, technically ideal, superb location and lovely model images to the family snapshots and oh look, proper right here’s what I had for lunch images.

Why do we create?

There are also merely as many the reason why we are photographers, why we truly really feel careworn to create and what motivates us to make a choice up our cameras every day to create art work. How steadily do you think about this? How steadily do you replicate once more on the images you’ve taken and think about the the reason why you’ve taken certain images? What motivates you to percentage your images?

Positive, all folks like receiving kudos, likes and hearts by means of social media then again is that enough of a explanation why to create art work? Shouldn’t there be additional to it than just posting images for people to like or not like? Shouldn’t we really be taking footage for ourselves? Growing from our hearts to grab the emotions and feelings that we spotted, felt and heard at that 2nd we clicked the shutter? Isn’t that what you need to percentage, the story of that 2nd?

Technical or emotional?

For individuals who’re coming into your images in contests of any sort, are you coming into to delight the judges or are you coming into for the win? In my opinion, the images you enter should be images that you are happy with and that tell your story. Those images that divulge your middle and make those looking at them step once more and suppose or truly really feel something. You can have necessarily essentially the most technically ideal image on the planet but if there’s no middle or feeling in the back of it, it will perhaps nevertheless be flat and uninspiring. Pretty, then again uninspiring.


In spite of everything, we would really like people to like us and our art work — it’s human nature. Alternatively shouldn’t we be creating our art work for ourselves, that’s the only means others will truly really feel the that implies of what you’re creating, if you do it in your self and put yourself into it. There are billions of technically ideal images out there then again they don’t indicate anything, they don’t tell a story, they have got no feeling. They are merely pretty photos.

On the other side of that there are lots of images out there that are not technically ideal, blurred, out of point of interest, poor composition, over-processed and in addition you determine it — believe me I have numerous those in my archives as well. Why do I keep them? Why do we percentage the not-so-perfect images? On account of they indicate something, they tell the story of that 2nd, ideal or not. They help us save our recollections of pals, family and places.


How do you stand out

I recently spotted plenty of posts in my Facebook move from a few photographer pals who had gone out taking footage together. The photographs have been all very stunning, pretty, technically proper and edited well. What stood out to me necessarily essentially the most even supposing was once as soon as merely how so much every of the 4 people shot nearly exactly the identical shot. It made me want to scream, to be honest.

Where is the individuality, where is the creativity, where are the emotions and feelings within the ones images? Where is the one that shot it? None of the ones 4 other people looked as if it would have taken the time to judge the site, cross looking to find a different standpoint, find a different standpoint. Were they simply desirous about creating a shot that everyone will ooh and ahh over? Would any individual be capable to tell who shot which image if you had they all 4 side thru side? Is that important?

Particular you in your images

I consider it’s the most important as a photographer and artist for target audience in an effort to select your images from the group. To hunt out the “you” in your images and recognize that as yours. Differently, we are all creating the identical issue and for what? I understand footage can indicate many things to every other people, it’s our treatment, it’s a passion, it’s our task. It’s a creative outlet that we need to keep ourselves sane. Without reference to why we take images I nevertheless believe we should be working to create our private explicit individual signature. Create our private style. Once we move out with a group of photographers we should be striving to create and to find images which could be unique.


Photographs is art work. Paintings is dialog. What are your photographs talking? Just a few foods for idea, the next time you choose up your camera to shoot a scene think about why you’re taking that image. Who are you taking it for?

Originally posted 2023-02-15 16:12:58.